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Mete Gazoz: He's a Genius!

17 Eylül 2021 - 22:58

We all know how important sport is. But this year, we have done great things as a country. Our women's volleyball team makes us proud, our women's boxer brings a bronze medal and some of that.. 

But this year, we brought pride to our country, known as the first in history! Our 22-year-old national archer, Mete Gazoz, made us very proud at the Tokyo Olympics this year, bringing our country a gold medal in archery for the first time in history. And all of a sudden, all of Turkey started talking about this child. We've certainly seen his photo on all social media platforms. He’s a genius!

Many years ago, Mete, who wrote on his Twitter platform that his biggest dream would win a gold medal for Turkey at the Olympics, really achieved this as a result of his perseverance, and made us quite proud. After winning the medal, Mete, who announced his name to the entire country in an instant, returned to his homeland after receiving his medal. We’re really proud of you Mete! 

Archery in Turkey

Archery is called a sport whose origin dates back to the hunting days of man, sending the arrow to the target through a bow. For Turks, archery is a real horse sport. Turkish archery, which the whole world knows very well, has set an example with this aspect by exhibiting a rapid sports development model in the last 5 years. It is seen that archery in the Turks began in 5000 BC and that the rules related to archery were established and their implementation took place with the Oguz. 

During the Turkish tribes, a close interest in archery, which continued with the Sumerians, Elams, Akkadians, Scythians, Huns, Avars and Hittites, reached with the Ottomans. Archery, which had a special place in the Ottoman army, was almost considered a branch of art, and since Fatih Sultan Mehmet, all Sultans were interested in the sport of archery. Ok Square, established immediately after Fatih Sultan Mehmet's conquest of Istanbul in 1453, was divided into this art branch as a place of Arrow training. 


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